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P.O. Box 1705, Silver City, NM 88062
Telephone: +1.505.388.5654
IRS 501(c)(3) # 85-305276

Kathleen Sue Hales, Director

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An Introduction to ASAT

We are pleased to have the opportunity to introduce you to our foundation, ASAT. (Pronounced in two syllables; A-SAT).

What is the American Society for Applied Technology?

ASAT is a non-profit scientific foundation dedicated to helping businesses and individuals resolve technical problems by innovative application of known technology and/or new technology. Our current thrust is in the field of noble metal mining and metallurgy, but this does not exclude studies within other disciplines.

To our knowledge ASAT is the only foundation of its type; for we are not supported by grants from any governmental agency nor are we funded by massive grants from any large companies or corporations. ASAT's funds are derived from the membership fees and project fees of our membership along with the published material that we offer to the same group. This allows us complete freedom to move in any direction we wish without asking permission from some major funding source.

ASAT has a laboratory and staff but they are only the exterior trappings, the real ASAT is hundreds of members scattered around the world. This membership is comprised of every profession, race, religion that one might imagine. To put it simply; ASAT is people helping people.

When was ASAT originated?

ASAT was chartered in 1981 under the New Mexico (USA) non-profit corporation act chapter 53 NMSA 1978, article 8. The United States later recognized the foundation and granted tax immunity under IRS 501(c)(3). Our tax exempt number and the sections that apply to your tax credits are to be found at the bottom of ASAT's letterhead stationery; and at the bottom of this page.

How do the memberships work?

The ASSOCIATE membership ($20/year) is designed for the person wishing to keep track of our publications. They will receive ASAT Newsletters and they may arrange for projects involving their ore, but they may have to wait a few days longer than a full member.

FULL membership ($100/year) is designed for those persons actively involved in mining and metallurgy. Your projects are granted priority and will be done as soon as possible. You also have voting rights should there be any changes in ASAT's charter and, of course, you will get the Newsletter.

How do I contact ASAT?

Physical correspondance should be sent to the address listed at the top of the page. Electronic messages should be sent to one of the following addresses:

For messages relating to organizational or administrative matters.
For technical issues concerning ASAT's research.
For technical issues relating to this web site.
For problems with any of the above e-mail addresses.

Your contributions are deductible under section 170 of the IRS code. Bequests, legacies, devises, gifts, or transfers to ASAT or for ASAT's use are deductible under section 2055, 2106, or 2522.


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