(kôl'e-fôn) An inscription, usually at the end of a book, giving publication facts. From the Greek kolophon, finishing touch.

In a print publication, this would normally list details of typefaces used for various purposes, and possibly identify the specific model of typesetting equipment. But HTML is intended to tag content not specify layout; so many of the details of presentation are under the control of the individual reader's browser. Therefore, our colophon will address slightly different issues.

These documents are designed to be read by browsers which conform to the HTML 3.2 specification, with the possible extension of the proposed CSS1 style sheets. Specificly, they were tested against Netscape Navigator 3.01, Netscape Communicator 4.0b3, HotJava 1.0, and finally against the WebTechs HTML Validation Service DTD for HTML 3.2 + CSS1 Style Sheets.

It should be noted that when viewing with Netscape, the best results occur when the browser is free to allocate all desired colors. In particular, when running under X11 on an 8bit deep PseudoColor display, it may be desirable to invoke the browser with the '-install' command-line option. (We do not use many colors; but the few we do use may not appear in a shared colormap or small 'color cube'.)

It should also be noted that the Publications and Extractive Metallurgy pages failed the WebTechs validation test because of the use of BGCOLOR in the TD tags. This attribute is not in the HTML 3.2 specification, and is not necessary with browsers which use the CSS1 Style Sheets. Nonetheless, it is necessary to obtain the desired result with Netscape Navigator 3.01.

The use of tables rather than lists is a violation of the spirit of the HTML specification; but constitutes the best current practice for obtaining the desired layout. The tables may be replaced when style-sheet-capable browsers are more fully deployed.

The formatted display will appear slightly differently on a browser which uses style sheets than on an otherwise identical browser that does not use them. This is due in part to the differences in exactly which attributes may be readily controlled through the style sheet mechanism. In particular, our style sheet may specify some regions as using 'serif' or 'sans-serif' fonts where the non-style-sheet version will simply accept the browser's default. Note that the style sheets do not specify any particular typeface.

The contents were hand-transcribed from existing print publications; and entered using GNU Emacs 19.34, html-helper-mode and font-lock-mode executing on a 486/66DX2 running FreeBSD 2.2 and displaying on a SPARCstation 2/GX running Solaris 2.5.1/CDE.

This colophon itself is a completely gratituitous addition created by the WebMaster as an exercise in pedantry.

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