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May 1997

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Bulletins $10 each
010184 The Minerals of Gold (all 18)
020283 Primary Acid and Mineral Chemistry
022583 Silver Recovery by the Silver Chloride Recovery Method
041583 Refining Gold by the Silver Inquart Method
050283 Small Plate Amalgamation
061583 A Semiquantitative Spot Test for Gold & Silver
040484 Basic Laboratory Techniques
113084 Fundamentals of Fire Assay (an introduction to Slagmaster)
081586 Refining Gold with Dibutyl Carbitol
070887 Pre-Assay Concentration of Gold & PGMs by Sodium Peroxide Fusion
071587 Use Tailored Periodic Tables
042090 Assaying with Aqua Regia
HT-1 How to Build a Dry Magnetic Separator
Study #1 The Behavior of Gold in Moving Water
Laboratory Notebook
Chapter - 1 Wet Chemical Assay for Pt, Pd, Rh, & Au (+ a three ring notebook) $25
Chapter - 2 Os, Ru, & Ir by Fire/Wet Chemical $10
Chapter - 3 Gold by Sodium Nitrite $10
Chapter - 4 Wet Chemical Preparation for a 1 Assay Ton Fire Assay $10
Chapter - 5 Rare Earth Assay and Information $10
Chapter - 6 Comparative Reactions of the Light PGEs $10
Chapter - 7 Leaching with SSN $10
Chapter - 8 Preparation and Sale of Gold & PGEs Recovered by SSN $10
Chapter - 9 Where Platinum Group Minerals are found $10
Chapter - 10 The when, how, & why of pre-leaching ores. (253 minerals listed) $10
Index - A More than 900 Conversions With Instructions for Their Use $10
Technical Aids
TA #2 Compounding Standard Laboratory Reagents $6
TA #4 Zinc Precipitation from Acid Solution $6
TA #12 Six Primary Slagmaster Fluxes (for those who cannot ID their ore) $6
TA #14 Chlorazodic Spot Test for Pt, Pd, Rh, & Au $6
TA #910 45 Precalculated Slagmaster Fluxes, by Rock Type + Increasing recovery of fire assay. $10
TA #920 Pre-Glaze for PGE Firing $10
Video Library $47 each
Video-A Recovery and Identification of Micro-Fine Gold [55 min.]
Video-B Fire Assaying Desert Placer (an introduction to Slagmaster) [65 min.]
Video-C Single Acid / Single Reagent Field Tests [ 120 min.]
Video-D Plaster Tablet Torch Tests (covering 19 elements) [ 115 min.]
Video-E Identifying Metals by Hydrogen Peroxide Reaction [60 min.]
Video-F The Orion Project (on selenium and carbon ores) [120 min.]
Video-G Aqua Regia (assaying gold by aqua regia) [120 min.]
Video-H Placer PGMs (visual identification of PGM nuggets) [110 min.]
Video-I Pt, Pd, Rh, & Au by Nitrition (+ a spot test for Os, RU, & Ir) [90 min.]
Video-J Building and Using an ASAT Elutriation tower [95 min.]
Video-K Identifying Pt, Pd, Rh, & Au by Color Reaction [60 min.]
Video-L Concepts & Misconceptions of Noble Metal Recovery [50 min.]
Video-M Leaching with SSN
Video-N Recovery of PGEs Using SSN
Captured in Passing

Booklets of past articles written by ASAT staff members, and previously published in the California Mining Journal.

$10 each
Tubes of Gold
ASAT discovery may resolve some mysteries for prospectors.
The Golden Puzzle
Tubes of Gold points to an epigenic deposit of gold.
Silver Thief
A combination of two elements that will rob your assay of silver.
Mercury Heart
The cause of metallic iron's detrimental effect in amalgamation.
A Close Look at Black Gold
An explanation of some reasons for the tarnish on gold.
Sols of Gold
The basic agents that dissolve gold.
Low Tech Magnetics
An inexpensive and successful means of magnetic separation.
Conflicting Assays
Resolving the dilemma of conflicting assays.
Plastic Buckets
Wet chemical conversion of silver in solution to matallic silver.
Thank You Mr Kodak
A successful and simple test for prospecting for gold & silver.
Microscopic Prospecting for Gold
Microscopic examination of gold particles may explain their origin
Please Follow the Directions
Most conflicting assays have a common origin and a simple answer.
Flatness Factor
The behavior of gold in running water is affected by the shape.
Some Unorthodox Chemistry
Only by violating the would-be rules of chemestry are new methods discovered.
This is the first attempt to bring fire assay into the realm of science.
Retrograde Technology
Check your cupels. You may be losing up to 70% of your values.
Evaluating a Micro-fine Gold Placer
Testing for ~#200 gold.
A Touch Of Fraud.
Formamidine Disulfide
Why thiourea leaches gold.
A Thiourea Spot Test
A spot test for gold in thiourea solutions.
Aurostibite and Maldonite
The two most common minerals of gold.
The Leading Edge
Our early experiments with thiourea leaching.
Time Temperature and Thiourea
A study of the effects of time and temperature on the process of leaching with thiourea.
Testing a Leach Liquor
An inexpensive way to find out if your leach will actually dissolve gold.
Some tips for leaching with thiourea.
On Your Behalf
Why placer operations are losing gold.
OSMIUM: The Elusive PGM
Why osmium is difficult to assay.
Critical Points in Fire Assaying
Just what the title says.
Leashing Silver at pH5 to pH7.
Thiourea works for leaching silver at near neutral pH.
Tailings for Profit
Nature will reduce the gold that was insoluble in cyanide leaching.
Organometallics in Nature
Some comments on natural organometallics.
Unpredcitable Chemistry
Comments on the shift of electromotive behavior of some elements.
Simplicity is The Key
Keep your thiourea formulae simple.
Using Teflon with Cyanide
Dissolved gold will destroy teflon
The Act of Leaching
How leaching works.
Building a Kangaroo Tank
The design factors for building a successful kangaroo leach tank.
Let's Design a Leach Plant Part one.
Let's Design a Leach Plant Part two.
From Research to Reality
The building of an actual prototype test plant.
Determining the Rate of Lixiviation
Data on the rate that gold goes into solution.
Epigenic Gold in Dry Lake Beds
Beautiful photos of gold deposited on previously living matter.
Rebirth of the Plaster Tablet Torch Test
An old method updated to modern technology.
A Slide Rule for Leaching Gold
Choosing a lixiviant for gold.
An Inexpensive, Reliable Test for Os & Ru
A quick, excellent test for these elusive elements.
Base Metal Oxides in Fire Assaying
The contamination of your lead button by base metals will cause losses in cupellation.
An Empty Cupel
Spotting selenium contamination before it robs you of your values.
Platinefrous Placer
Comments on PGM placers.
A New Chlorazodic Spot Test for Pt, Pd, & Rh
This is a simple cementation test for the light PGMs.
Producing Platinum
Some requirements for marketing platinum.
The Weight & Measure of Gold Prills
How to calculate the weight of fire assay prills without a balance.
Volatile Gold
Circumstances under which gold can be volatile.
Extractive Metallurgy
  Also available are photocopies of EXTRACTIVE METALLURGY (a magazine formerlly published by ASAT). Please see the EXTRACTIVE METALLURGY Index for the contents of available issues.

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